collagen drink for skin

General information about collagen drinks

What’s the key to youth?

Have you wondered what’s the fountain of youth? Starting your day with a yoga class? Eating veggies 0-24? Or buying the newest cosmetics which promise to make your skin smooth and soft? Just imagine Cleopatra immersing herself in the legendary donkey milk bath. She was asking the same question more than 2000 years ago: How can I stay young?

If we want to keep our skin’s youth taking care of it from the inside is not enough. And here come collagen drinks.

But why collagen?

Because it’s the main structural protein which acts as a glue and holds together tissues in our body. You know that bouncy baby skin feels, right? It’s due to high collagen in the skin. Consuming collagen drinks can help to maintain collagen levels in the body to keep the skin’s elasticity, make it look glowing and more youthful. But collagen isn’t just for the skin. It helps preserve the health of the bones and cartilage which is essential for an active, youthful lifestyle.

We bet you’re curious what happens after you had your daily collagen drink! Unlike a topical usage, drinking collagen means that this key-to-youth protein absorbs into your bloodstream and can encourage collagen production.

But how?

Collagen peptides stimulate fibroblasts to boost your body’s natural collagen production. The cool thing is that drinking collagen is all about making your body produce more and more collagen.

And the best part?

Adding collagen drinks to your daily routine is very easy because are formulated to fit your busy every day. Just grab a shaker, start a day with your favourite collagen drink flavor and you’re ready to kick off the day.

Frequently asked questions about collagen drinks

How do collagen drinks work?

Collagen drinks absorb into the bloodstream through the gut so collagen peptides can stimulate fibroblasts to boost your body’s natural collagen production. In a nutshell: collagen drinks encourage the body to produce more collagen. The body’s natural collagen production decreases with ageing, so it’s important to support this process by drinking collagen.

What do collagen drinks do?

Collagen is essential to preserve youth. By drinking collagen, you may notice the following positive effects:

  • improved skin elasticity
  • stronger hair and nails
  • less visible wrinkles and fine lines
  • healthier cartilages tendons, and ligaments
  • stronger muscles
  • improved digestive health

What are collagen drinks good for?

Collagen drinks boost the body’s natural collagen production, which decreases with ageing. Supporting the body’s collagen production may result in healthier and younger-looking skin, more flexible joints and improved digestive health.

How much collagen do you need to see results?

You should dose collagen by the actual product description and by your age, however, drinking 5,000 mg collagen per day for at least 4 months should show benefits.

What to drink collagen peptides with?

It depends on the collagen format, but most of the collagen powders can be mixed with water, milk or plant milk. Collagen powders without too intense a taste can be stirred into smoothies or shakes.

What is the best time to drink collagen?

Collagen can be taken at any time and it’s not necessary to take collagen on an empty stomach. Of course, a balanced diet and drinking plenty of water can boost collagen’s positive effects.

How to drink collagen powder? / How to drink collagen peptides?

Mix the right dose of collagen powder with water, milk or plant milk.

How good are collagen drinks for the skin?

The main benefits of drinking collagen are improvements in the skin’s elasticity and the reduction in the look of wrinkles, so we say that drinking collagen is very good for the skin.

Which collagen drink is the best?

It depends on your personal preferences, but due to their composition standards, Milieu Beauty’s collagen drinks are high quality.

Will collagen drink make me fat? / Will collagen drink cause weight gain?

Collagen supplements formulated without sugar won’t cause weight gain. When you pick your collagen drink, make sure to choose a formula created with sweetener.

Will collagen drinks cause cancer?

There’s no evidence between taking collagen supplements cancer, however, it’s important to note that you should never overdose on collagen to boost its positive effects on the body.

Can collagen drinks cause acne?

According to our knowledge, there is no direct link between collagen consumption and acne, moreover, collagen can help with acne scarring since it improves the skin.

Can I drink collagen during menstruation? / Can I drink collagen during my period?

Drinking collagen during your period is safe, so there’s no need to give up on taking collagen when you’re on your period.

Can I drink collagen during breastfeeding?

Collagen is totally safe to take while pregnant and breastfeeding.

Can I drink collagen while pregnant?

According to our knowledge, you can drink collagen during pregnancy.

Can I drink collagen every day?

It’s recommended to drink collagen daily to get visible results.

Can I drink collagen while fasting? Can you drink collagen while fasting?

It depends on the nature of fasting, but drinking collagen has no negative effects on the body during fasting.

Can I drink collagen at night? Can you drink collagen at night?

Yes, drinking collagen at night shouldn’t have any negative effect on the body.

Can guys drink collagen?

Yes, drinking collagen has positive effects on the body regardless of gender.

Can I drink collagen with milk?

You can mix your collagen powder with milk and plant milk as well.

Can I drink collagen twice a day?

It depends on the actual dosage of collagen. If you don’t exceed the recommended daily dosage, it’s okay to drink collagen twice a day.